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Canon NB4L battery charger

Canon NB4L battery charger

Compact charger that can either be used via mains electric supply or 12V car supply
Charging LED indicators to show charge status
Automatic full charge indicator
Switch mode power supply for use abroad 100-240V input, 500mAh 12V output
1 year guarantee
Car 12V adaptor included
Compact light weight design
Charge times: 3.6 / 3.7V: 650mAh - 1 hour, 1200mAh - 1.5 hour, 1800mAh - 2.25 hour
Charge times: 7.2 / 7.4V: 650mAh - 1.5 hour, 1200mAh - 2 hour, 1800mAh - 3 hour

Price: 14.95

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