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Kodak - Klic 7006 battery

Kodak - Klic 7006 battery

This top quality replacement compatible Kodak Digital Camera Battery will replace the Klic 7006 battery. It is Li-Ion or Lithium Ion in chemistry and is fully rechargeable. This replacement Kodak Klic 7006 battery pack is 3.7V 2.6Wh 700mAh. If you are looking for a quality replacement Kodak Klic 7006 camera battery then order now for quick dispatch. Duracell Part Number DR9664 or Uniross U0131742.

Technical Details
3.7 Volts (3.7V)
2.6Wh (2.6 Watt Hours)
Li-ion (Lithium-Ion)

This battery is compatible with the following models:
EasyShare M200 / MINI, EasyShare M23, EasyShare M522, EasyShare M530, EasyShare M531, EasyShare M532, EasyShare M5350, EasyShare M5370, EasyShare M550, EasyShare M552, EasyShare M575, EasyShare M577 / TOUCH, EasyShare M580, EasyShare M583, EasyShare M873, EasyShare M883, EasyShare MD30, LB-012, PixPro FZ51

Price: 8.95

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