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Tagged Batteries

Industrial size NiMH and NiCd tagged 1.2V rechargeable batteries and Li-Ion 3.7v Cells

One of our areas of speciality is portable energy cells supplying high rated industrial tagged battery cells. The applications for these individual cells are wide ranging - often customized specific products for alarm systems, security systems, automated machines, power tools and much more. We have customers ranging from large companies, small businesses and private individuals. If you are an engineer, technician or someone who needs to re-cell their drill battery or power tool, or build a model or drone battery pack, we have a wide range of industrial batteries to fit your requirements. Technical help is always at hand to help select the correct batteries. When selecting your replacement batteries we would ask you to measure the size of the battery and check the chemistry i.e. NiMh or NiCad and its capacity or mAh rating.

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