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1.2V Nickel Cadmium Tagged and Industrial Batteries

Nickel Cadmium ( NiCd ) 1.2V Rechargeable batteries with Solder tags for battery packs

Batteries Plus has a range of NiCad batteries in industrial sizes for making into battery packs for use in Emergency Lighting and Medical batteries
These Sub C, 4/5 SC and AA size Nickel Cadmium batteries are specifically designed for high drain use They have a high discharge rate to cope with fast charging and high currents associated with use in mechanical devices. Please bear this in mind when looking at "bargain" cells on other sites.
The Sub C and 4/5SubC cell sizes are standard in power tools and these cells come with heavy duty solder tags pre spot welded in position so all you have to do to replace your old ones is solder them together in the same sequence as they came out of the original pack. The NiCd chemistry of the batteries is excellent for delivering the current demanded by mechanical motors. All the cells are 1.2V rechargeable and come with a 1 year guarantee.

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