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Battery Pack Refurbishment

Battery Pack Refurbishment

Battery Pack Refurbishment

If you are looking for a particular battery and can't find it on our site, all is not lost as we can refurbish or manufacture battery packs to suit your requirements.

If your battery is made up of cells that are either NiCd or NiMH, we can replace these with equivalent or superior cells giving you a battery pack that is back to original strength, usually at less cost than the original. Very often, this can be the difference between throwing away your device or giving it a completely new lease of life!

Please contact us either on 01474 705832, Fax on 01474 700376 or email sales@batteriesplus.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Battery packs we have refurbished include:

Air Soft Gun batteries
Barcode reader batteries
Baby monitor batteries
Bike light batteries
Camera Packs and batteries
Cattle counters
Diving Torch battery pack
Electric razors
Electric Toothbrushes
Engine diagnostics
Flash Gun batteries
Foresight GC2 golf launch monitor
Gas analyzers
Global Positioning Systems
GP500 motorbikes
Hedge trimmers
Hair trimmers
Horse clipper batteries
Intercom Systems
Jingle Bell Chimer
Knives electric
Laser Levelling Equipment
Medical Equipment
Metal Detectors
Night Vision Equipment
Opticians Opthalmoscopes
Personal Mobile Radio Pack
Remote control cars, boats and aircraft
Solar Garden Lights
Scanning Equipment and scanners
SX Micro 90 VHF Radio
Test Meters
Tiga NM9A Batteries 6V
Vacuum Cleaners
Vehicle diagnostics
Video camera batteries
Underwater lighting batteries
Vacuum Cleaners
Warn Hoist 24V batteries
WDS Diagnostic Systems WDS

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