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LED Lamp Light Batteries

Lamp Light Batteries

We stock a range of Lithium (Li-Ion) Light batteries for all types for lamps and light applications which are used mainly for mood lighting in private and commercial environments especially restaurants and at events.
Lithium or Li-Ion batteries are 3.7V ( sometimes 3.6V) and, again, come in packs that are single 3.7V, double 7.4V or triple 11.1V. They are also refered to as 1S1P, 1S2P, 2S1P, 1S3P and 3P1S packs according to their wiring in either series or parallel to give different voltages or capacities.
All of this type of battery have battery management system ( BMS ) circuit boards ( PCB ) installed which manage the charging of the batteries as well as safely protection from over heating and short circuiting.

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