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Binatone Icarus 9 Cordless Phone Battery 3.6V 600mAh NiMH

Binatone Icarus 9 Cordless Phone Battery 3.6V 600mAh NiMH

Replacement 3.6V NiMH 600mAh battery pack for the Binatone Icarus 9 range of cordless home phones.
Replacing your phone batteries is something that you will find you have to do every 2-3 years normally. If you are experiencing poor reception, interference during calls, shortened conversation time or the dreaded low battery beep noise interrupting you, then it is propably the batteries in the phone that need replacing.
This Binatone Icarus 9 battery is the direct replacement for your phone and will return the phone to how it could be used when new or even better. It is made from a set of 3 x AAA batteries. They are NiMH batteries Ni-MH ( Nickel Metal Hydride) and they have now replaced the older NiCd ( Nickel Cadmium) batteries and give better performance than the original Binatone Icarus 9 batteries as the original batteries were often only 300mAh in capacity.The connector plug is also exactly the same as the original battery. After first installation, you will need to give it a first long charge according to your manual, this is usually 16 hours or more on the base set.
3.6V 600 mAh Ni-MH battery
Dimensions: 45mm x 32mm x 10mm
Connector: JST EHR2 plug
Original part number: 3SN-AAA55H-S-J1, 3SN-AAA65H-S-J1, 3SN-AAA70H-S-J1 and 3SN-AAA75H-S-J1, GP30AAAK3BMJ, GP35AAAK3BMJZ

Price: 4.95

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